bartholomew squeak

sometime in spring 1999, there was a contest in a comic strip called bartholomew squeak in mit’s newspaper, the tech. the prize was to be a character in the strip, so i immediately entered, and i won along with another guy named seth. i met solar, the creator of the strip, and he sketched me, and soon our storyline began. then, unfortunately, solar had a falling out with the tech, and stopped printing the strip right before i was set to appear. (a few strips with seth got printed.) that fall, however, solar started producing comics again for the tech under the title xippo’s courseload – the first episode of which alluded to bart squeak’s death. then, in december, there was mention of his death again, and i found out that bart actually died at my character’s hand! the tech started to recap the whole storyline from start to (unpublished) finish, and so i finally made my appearance. here it is:

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