my pgp public key

my resume – last updated: july 31, 2015.

here’s a two-page spread i did for the march 15th, 2006 issue of the weekly dig!
photo by derek kouyoumjian:

stuff from my old MIT homepage:

carbon dioxide was my radio show on MIT’s college radio station, WMBR 88.1 FM. view all the playlists from its 12-season run.
bartholomew squeak was a cool comic strip in MIT’s newspaper, the tech. i had a guest appearance as a cartoon. :)
i took 6.270, an autonomous robot design competition, in january 2000. here’s a mirror of the robot’s web site, including the project log.
my 6.837 homepage from junior year (fall 1999). it’s a mirror, so some links might not work.
my really old guestbook (what’s a guestbook?)

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