polymorphically active!

polymorphically active! is a compilation of tracks i wrote in impulse tracker between 1996 and 1999. it was released on february 15th, 1999. a version of the track “no access to building 39” also appeared on the 2002 compilation from the MIT songwriting club.

here’s what people are saying about polymorphically active!:
“you’ve gotten more use out of a synthesized clap than i ever thought possible.” -theo
“oh shit, track 3 is on crack.” -bunnie

download all tracks [88.7M ZIP]

in case you want to replicate a copy, here are the images for the CD jewel case:
front insert [2.6M] (print double-sided and fold)
back insert [800K] (fold up edges)

download individual tracks:
cda-01-intro.mp3 [659K]
cda-02-toga.mp3 [2.7M]
cda-03-boogie_brown.mp3 [2.0M]
cda-04-not_out_yet.mp3 [1.9M]
cda-05-the_finals_song_fall_’98.mp3 [1.4M]
cda-06-down_there.mp3 [3.7M]
cda-07-park.mp3 [6.0M]
cda-08-skate_or_die.mp3 [2.2M]
cda-09-doodleboys_the_movie.mp3 [4.7M]
cda-10-retrigger-remix.mp3 [3.3M]
cda-11-candlepin_bowling.mp3 [2.6M]
cda-12-mister_lambykins.mp3 [3.0M]
cda-13-park-remix.mp3 [5.7M]
cda-14-rats-edit.mp3 [3.0M]
cda-15-no_access_to_building_39.mp3 [3.8M]
cda-16-sherpa_of_doom.mp3 [2.7M]
cda-17-for_breakfast.mp3 [1.8M]
cda-18-fire_in_the_hole.mp3 [2.3M]
cda-19-carbon_dioxide.mp3 [2.1M]
cda-20-hop_and_break_glass_fast.mp3 [2.5M]
cda-21-administer_smackies.mp3 [2.7M]
cda-22-lead_paint.mp3 [3.5M]
cda-23-retrigger_wars_battle_5.mp3 [5.5M]
cda-24-it’s_time.mp3 [4.6M]
cda-25-hed_south_4_tha_bakkon.mp3 [2.8M]
cda-26-where’s_the_money-remix.mp3 [3.2M]
cda-27-it’s_time-remix.mp3 [2.5M]
cda-28-the_bomb_deuce_five+silence+ih.mp3 [6.2M]
cda-29-carbon_dioxide-remix.mp3 [1.4M]
cda-30-when_swans_attack.mp3 [2.7M]
cda-31-plush_daddy_fly.mp3 [4.4M]

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