music i’ve written!

since late 2010, i have been active on battle of the bits!

impulse tracker:
polymorphically active!
older non-album tracks
the blunder yearz (EP coming “real soon now”)

the Q1-2006 project!
works in progress

here’s a bio i wrote for the wonderland website:

<< Chris “cda” Avrich was born and raised in Brooklyn. He first discovered his love for music through his mom’s oldies records – then Weird Al, early 90’s club dance, and New York underground hip hop quickly joined his collection. In his teens, the old-school BBS scene introduced him to writing electronic music, with trackers (Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker). Throughout college at MIT, he delved deeply into electronic music, hosting a weekly 2-hour show on MIT’s FM station, where the only rule was not to hold the playlist to one particular genre. Now, 15 years after discovering tracking, he holds the medium alive with the software Renoise, writing free-associative electronic music that, like his taste, doesn’t stick to just one genre. His pieces are heavy with sampled clips from other music, especially hip hop, falling somewhere between mash-up and traditional electronic. >>

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